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This is the gift of the program
"Food Science".

Where do tomatoes overwinter?



Safety precautions:

Read this text with an adult from your home.

All that you get from this experiment is edible. However, this gift should be treated very responsibly.
To prepare salting, use only the ingredients attached to the gift and in any case do not allow ingress of any extraneous chemicals.

Wash vegetables and herbs thoroughly before cooking.

If you suddenly have doubts about its quality before using ready-made pickles (there was an unpleasant smell, mold, etc.), this dish is strictly prohibited.

For reference:

From the point of view of botany - the science of studying plants - a tomato, like currants with gooseberries, is a berry. Remember what a currant looks like. In it, under the skin, a lot of seeds, which seem to float in the berry pulp. Like a tomato, right? But in everyday life it is customary to call berries just small juicy sweet fruits, turning a blind eye to the fact that cherries, raspberries and strawberries are not berries from a botanical point of view.

You have in the set:

1. Two ripe berries of the plant Solánum lycopérsicum. Or, as it is called, cherry tomato.

2. A small part of the green shoot of parsley curly (Petroselinum crispum) and dill odorous (Anethum graveolens) in vacuum packaging.

3. Plastic cup 125 ml.

4. Microtube with salt and spices, mixed with the recipe of Smart Barcelona cooks.


Wash tomatoes, parsley and dill thoroughly.
Pour into a separate glass 100 ml of warm boiled water. Add micro-tube spices and stir well.
Put tomatoes, parsley, dill in a 125 ml plastic cup and pour the resulting solution to the brim.
Spin the lid tightly and leave to saline for 1-2 weeks in a cool dark place.

What happened?

Due to the fact that in the solution for salting the atoms of sodium and chlorine (which make up the salt) is much more than in a tomato, they tend to get inside the cells of the tomato. There they will not be so closely. Such movement of atoms will continue until the tomato becomes as salty as the solution.
A high concentration of salts prevents live almost all organisms. Because of her disturbed metabolic processes. That is why the fish that live in salt water, there are special devices with which they "desalinate" water to drink. Freshwater fish without these devices can not survive in sea water..
Since the harmful organisms cannot develop in brine, vegetables can be stored in it in long cold winters.
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