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My children are 5 and 6 years old. Can they come?
We wouldn't recommend it. They simply wouldn't be interested.
Can siblings of different age get into the same group?
They can. We recommend the older group for both.
Can my child get into a different age group?
The age limit is a recommendation. The program is pretty much the same for both groups, it's the explanations that slightly differ. The main difference is the age of other people in the group, so if your child feels better with older or younger children, you are welcome to choose whichever one is better for him/her.
How are teams formed?
Teams are formed instantly. Your child chooses a name tag of a certain colour and automatically enters the team of children who chose the same colour.
We want our children to be in the same team.
If we see that more than five children are registered under the same adult's surname, we save the name tags of the same colour for them. If you are less than five or if the children are registered under different adults' surnames we recommend you to come 30 minutes before the show starts so that you can get the name tags of the same colour.
What do parent do during the show?
We have a special program for parents. It is a quiz and a short sci-pop lecture. Participation is not obligatory (but it's fun!). You can go about your business and pick up your child in about 1 hour 45 minutes.
Can I accompany my child and take pictures?
According to our experience, parents who accompany and take pictures distract the children from making the experiments. If you really want to shoot some photos, wait until the program is over and go to the lab with your child who will show you the equipment and tell about the experiments.
How much time in advance shall we come?
30 minutes before the program starts. You will have enough time to take off the jacket, register for the program, go through a small science quest in the lobby with the child, and enter the main room.
Do parents have to buy tickets?
No, the program is free for parents. You don't need to buy tickets.
What if I lost my ticket?
Don't worry if you lost your ticket or you can't show it to us for some other reason. When you buy the ticket, your data is saved in our database. You only have to tell us the first and last name of the person who payed for the tickets.
I see that there are no tickets left for the program, but is there a chance?..
If the group is too big, your child and other kids will not have fun. That's why we close the registration when 60 tickets are sold. If you really want to join your friends who already bought the tickets, choose any free date and come to the new program together!
And what if someone cancels their ticket?
Cancellations are rare and usually happen a day or two before the event. Instead of cancelling, a ticket can be given to friends or relatives.
Can I change the date of the ticket?
If you cannot attend the program you can choose any other event if there are places available. To do this, you need to find a letter, confirming your booking, and enter customer area by clicking on the orange "View / change booking" button. In your customer area you can change the date and time of booking or cancel the reservation.

Another option - to send us an email, a Facebook message or fill in the form on the web page indicating your name and surname, the date you are missing and the date you want to change your ticket to. We cannot change the date by phone. One ticket can be changed only once and strictly before the event.
My child is ill and cannot attend the event. Can I get a reimbursement?
You can. The refund, minus the 5% commission, is strictly subject to cancellation at least 3 days prior to the event. If there are less than 3 days left before the event, you can change the date of your ticket.
I bought the ticket on the web page. How can I return it?
To return a ticket, you need to find a letter confirming your booking and enter the customer area by clicking on the orange "View / change booking" button. There you can cancel your reservation. Another option - to send us an an email, a Facebook message or fill in the form on the web page. If the conditions set above are met, you will get the reimbursement, less the 5% commission.
I bought the ticket at the venue after the event. How can I return it?
If you paid for your ticket in cash, you can get the reimbursement in cash at the venue before or after any our event.
We bought tickets for a group of children, but one of them cannot attend the event. Can we return one ticket?
If you made a group request online, you cannot return one or several tickets, you can only change their date.
I payed for the ticket, but I haven't received a confirmation letter.
Please, check your Spam folder. The confirmation letter is likely to be there. If it is not there, please, contact the customer support at or call the telephone number +34 690 022 115.
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