What is Smart Barcelona?

Interactive workshops, science courses and kits for children aged 5-13 in Barcelona

    Our programs are designed for children of 5-13 years old. They are written in accessible language and conducted by young scientists, who are full of enthusiasm. In our programs we use the latest achievements of modern pedagogy: quests and games, gadgets and multimedia.
    We don't consider science throwing dry ice into water, loud explosions or colourful fire. Our programs are real: from the experiments on genetics with drosophilae to chemical synthesis of esters.
    Every month we present a brand new program. We make it in order for you not to get bored and visit us regularly. Thus, in a year or two your child will form a complete scientific picture of the world.
  • Parents will not get bored
    Children always look up to you. That is why we always make a separate program for the parents where you can learn new things and have fun at the same time.

Upcoming event in Barcelona

May 13, Saturday
scientific workshop for children 5-6, 7-10 and 11-13 years
We will understand the chemical and physical properties of food, create gummy bears, assemble our own devices for extracting odors, figure it out in food additives and create them in the laboratory, study the physical and chemical properties of familiar products, and even prepare rations for astronauts. Science has never tasted so good!
None of our programs are repeated. The schedule of the nearest programs you can see on the page Calendar ↗. And on the page about us ↗ you can see which programs we have already run.

Science City Camp in Barcelona

5 weeks (not this summer)
scientific city camp for children 7-10 and 11-13 years
Summer city labs are not only interesting projects, but also outdoor games, friendship and communication.

Five-day camps from 8:30 to 14:00 in natural sciences (and not only!) for children aged 7-13 in age groups.

Scientific courses

Choose an activity you like!


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