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The subscription helps to plan a child's scientific worckshops for the season in advance
You will be able to participate in special events that we organize only for subscription holders
If the child is sick, the visit can always be rescheduled if there are free places for other dates
Visiting events by subscription is much cheaper than when buying separately

Subscription to Science Workshops of Smart Barcelona

1. Subscription is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
2. You can buy a subscription at any time, even right before the program.
3. The more credits in the selected subscription, the cheaper it is to visit one program.
4. A subscription is not only discounts, but also additional bonuses that are not available to one-time visitors.

New programs

November 5-6
interactive science workshop for children 7-14 years old
This program will attract all passionate collectors of beautiful stones and shells. We will excavate, find the ancient city, learn its history through curious finds, and master the methods of cleaning and conserving the found treasures.
December 17-18
interactive science workshop for children 7-14 years old
Irons and electric cars, batteries and wireless charging - it's time to figure out how it works.

We will assemble a chemical current source, tame lightning, master the wireless transmission of energy and light the light in the dark.

Privileges and Gifts for Subscription Owners

A subscription provides much more than just the opportunity to visit three new programs.
Here is what you get by purchasing a subscription:
Author's quests in museums
Author's quests in the museums of Barcelona. You come to the right place, turn on the excursion-quest on your smartphone and go through, answering questions. We have prepared everything - you just have to come to the address and do not forget to charge your phone.
More about quests in museums
Exclusive newsletter

Monthly newsletter with exclusive selections of popular science books, films, Youtube channels for children and parents. Especially for you, we will separate the wheat from the chaff in the world of natural sciences.

Discounts on our products
With a 10% discount, you can purchase:
— scientific interactive quest series: "Detective agency Key-Lock"
— scientific online clubs and other products
More about "Science at Home"

Choose your subscription

A one-time visit to the program for one child and two adults costs 45€. By purchasing a subscription, you can save a lot.
Subscription for 3 programs
The price of visiting the program for one child and two adults instead of 45 € will be only
  • Subscription price: 120€

    You save 15€

    Valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Для неполных семей и семей с двумя и более детьми действуют скидки.

Buy a subscription

The purchased subscription is non-refundable. But it can be partially or completely transferred, donated, sold or exchanged for our other products. Usually 1 year is enough to use any subscription in full, regardless of the circumstances.

In situations beyond our control, we can only make sure that your money is not wasted: extend the validity of the subscription or set off its residual value towards the payment of our other products. In situations beyond our control and arising through no fault of ours, a refund is not possible. By purchasing a subscription, you automatically accept these terms.

Generate a gift card!

Surely you have come across a situation when you need a gift today, or better right now, and there is no time to wait for delivery? Now you can instantly give any of our products - a subscription, a home experiment pack, or an open date entry? Complete a simple form and get a beautiful postcard that you can print or resend electronically!

How to book a ticket using a subscription?

Go to our website, select the program, date and time and click "book"
Leave the number of children equal to 1*
Click "Login" and enter your username and password, under which you entered when you bought a subscription
After that, click on the confirmation button. Done! A confirmation will be sent to you by mail.
* If you have purchased tickets for several children, please book a seat for each child separately.

If the child suddenly becomes ill and cannot attend one of our events, we will extend your subscription until the next season.
In case of questions, call or write to us at the contacts listed below, we will help!


Centre cívic Joan Oliver Pere Quart
Carrer del Comandant Benítez, 6
08028 Barcelona
Open in Google Maps
send us a message
+34 633 180 529
10:00 - 21:00
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