Detective agency "Key-Lock" — unusual science gift kits with free shipping in Spain

Scientific interactive quest series
Detective agency "Key-Lock"
Exciting experiments, logic puzzles, unexpected plot twists, new knowledge and useful skills.

Your child will become the protagonist of a detective story. He will interview witnesses, find out the motives, conduct laboratory analysis of evidence and uncover mysterious incidents!

Sounds interesting? Looks too!

Turn on the sound of the video, it is more fun to watch with it

Ready to solve your first case?

Materials of the incident, evidence and a set of chemical equipment for your home laboratory, which will be useful for you to solve all subsequent cases.
An online portal with an interactive story, detailed and understandable instructions, characters and tips will help you immerse yourself in a detective plot.
Each set is a whole story, for which the child performs experiments, solves riddles, explores and analyzes. Where to go, whom to interrogate, what experiments to do - the decision is up to you!
During the quest, we explain all the phenomena that are encountered by the guys. Not a single chemical reaction will go unnoticed.
At the end of each case, we award a commemorative token, which is glued into the detective's ID.
Would you like to see the beginning of the quest?

Let's take a look at the first kit?

We have included in it equipment for a home laboratory, which will be useful to you in all further investigations. That is why Set #1 must be present in your first order.
Clicking on an item will tell you more about it
1. Glass stick
2. Safety glasses
3. 100 ml flask
4. 100 ml laboratory beaker
5. Test tubes
6. Test tube rack
7. Pasteur pipette
8. Petri dish
9. Laboratory funnel
10. Spatula
11. Tile
12. Metal candle stand
13. Hydrogen peroxide
18+ Attention!
All chemical experiments, as well as experiments with fire or hot water, must be performed with adults!
Made by professionals
We've been running interactive science events in the natural sciences for children 7-14 years old since 2019, and we do it like no other: young scientists instead of animators, thoughtful experiments instead of dry ice, and all as part of the game. How our events are going? See this short video.

Since mid-March 2020, events have become impossible. To save the company, employees and customers, we developed and released science kits for home delivery in a month.
We will show you part of the 1st quest in 2 minutes.
Free express delivery all over mainland Spain
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What do kids love the most?

The most children love to play! Let's play and learn!
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What about adults?

Adults don't like to overpay. To save on shipping costs, we've grouped the sets by seasons. You can also order sets individually. It turns out not so profitable, but relatively safe. What if the child doesn't like it?

The truth is, we don't know kids who don't like our kits! But we know many forgetful parents.

Find out what experiments we have prepared for each story and order the 1st season of the scientific quest-series!
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COMPLETE SERIES. Six kits for the price of five!

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Why order a complete series?

Your child will get acquainted with modern experimental science and understand how knowledge and skills can be applied in practice
Conduct more than 40 dissimilar scientific experiments in his own home chemical laboratory
Acquire new knowledge in chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, astronomy and find motivation to study them further
Spend time usefully: expand own horizons, develop curiosity, and, possibly, acquire a new hobby or even decide on a future profession
Gain self-confidence, the ability to build a dialogue with adults
Lay the foundation of knowledge that will be useful in school and in life

We do not leave indifferent

  • Sheila M.
    Fantastic stuff! It's a very funny idea to follow the story while experimenting.
  • Dina I.
    To be honest, I like these activities myself. Therefore, I didn't think for a long time - if Ingrid didn't like it, I wouldn't grieve, I would have played it myself. But then a double jackpot came out. Full text of the review on Facebook
  • Montserrat G.
    My kids had a great time!!! And we are parents too. Very interesting and highly recommended. The kids are so excited that they really want to continue.
  • Fatima P.
    I liked it no less, if not more, than my daughter! Ideal if you want to make an unusual and original gift, or if you want to spend a magical day with your children. Original Facebook review
  • Nadya M.
    The fun with solving detective riddles and scientific experiments stretched out for several days, the child even abandoned all the worlds in Minecraft for this time - and this is a completely unprecedented case. Read the full review on our Facebook page
  • Herminia H.
    The first set is number 1 not only in terms of the quality of materials, but also in originality of presentation. My seven-year-old son was impressed with the experiments and learned a lot from the explanations that followed each one. Facebook review
  • Eli B.
    We had a really good time discovering secrets! We will definitely repeat it! Thank you!
  • Sonia
    Once the son meets the father, they have a great time. Submission, content and materials - 10! Super professionals!!
  • Thais
    We had a great time doing experiments - this is real learning. This is an opportunity to bring children closer to a world in which all people play such different roles.

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Frequently asked questions

Courier service is free throughout mainland Spain. Delivery to the islands and outside of Spain is also possible, contact us in any way convenient for you. Communication button in the lower right corner of the screen.

We also organize science events for the whole family!

About once a month we do a brand new interactive science workshop for 7-14 year olds and their parents! So far, only in Barcelona, but have already thought about other cities. Come to our programs! You will not see such children's scientific events anywhere else.
-, Saturday
scientific workshop for children 5-6, 7-10 and 11-13 years
We will understand the chemical and physical properties of food, create gummy bears, assemble our own devices for extracting odors, figure it out in food additives and create them in the laboratory, study the physical and chemical properties of familiar products, and even prepare rations for astronauts. Science has never tasted so good!
None of our programs are repeated. The schedule of the nearest programs you can see on the page Calendar ↗. And on the page about us ↗ you can see which programs we have already run.
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