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Smart Barcelona CosmoCaixa Science Tour

Hello, friends!

We invite you to CosmoCaixa, one of the largest popular science museums in the world. It is an extraordinary museum, where you can interact and experiment with almost all the exhibits. Very cool indeed!

Unfortunately, during the Covid-19 restrictions the modules are operated by the museum staff only. The good thing is the explainers are truly passionate about science, and they will surely help you with everything you need!

In the halls of the museum you can see many exhibits, covering all branches of science. Today, we have selected the best and created a unique itinerary just for you. Find the exhibit, watch it carefully, see it in action and answer the questions, using the information available in the display cases of the museum, your previous knowledge and your creativity. Let's go!

Our quest starts at the front door of the museum, where the statues of three famous scientists welcome you. Good luck!
The mission can be completed in Catalan, Spanish and Russian
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