Hello, dear friend!

You already learned that the heart is a motor that has been working non-stop throughout our life, and now you can directly hear its sound.

Listen to your heart



In your hands was a set with which you create a real phonendoscope and hear how your own heart and the hearts of other people are beating. Each "knock" that you hear is a contraction of the chambers of the heart, throwing blood into all the vessels of our body.

Safety precautions:

(Read this text with an adult from your home)

Everything in this kit is safe.

Be careful with the scissors you need to make the membrane and earmolds.

Do not try to put the earmold in as deep as possible into the ear, the phonendoscope will work much better if you just firmly attach the earmold to your ear.

For reference:

People always wanted to look inside the human body and understand what was going on there. Doctors of the past have come up with a method of auscultation, or, in simple words, listening to the heart. At first they simply put their ear to the patient's chest, but then they invented special devices that allowed them to hear the heart much better. First came a stethoscope. It looked like an ordinary funnel. But then a membrane was added to this funnel, and the stethoscope became a phonendoscope - a tool that no doctor can now do without.

In your set:

  1. Funnel
  2. Balloon
  3. Long tube
  4. A pair of earplugs
  5. Piece of duct tape


Take the funnel and the handset. Put the tube on the narrow part of the funnel.
Take one earplug and cut it with scissors in half lengthwise so that you get two elongated pieces.
Make a sandwich from the free end of the tube and the two halves of the gag: put the tube between the halves.
Take a piece of duct tape, attach one end of the tape to the plug, and press with your finger.
With your other hand, grab the free end of the tape and pull. While stretching the adhesive tape, make a few turns around the plug to tightly fix the tube between the two halves.
Take the balloon. Cut the tail about the middle of the balloon.
Cut off the protrusion on the wide part of the funnel with scissors.
Put a piece of the ball on a wide part of the funnel, stretch the ball to form a membrane.
Tap on the membrane with your finger. If you hear a loud sound reminiscent of the sound of a small drum, you did everything right.
Choose with which ear you want to listen to your heart.
Insert the remaining earplug into the ear, which you will not listen to: squeeze the narrow tip of the plug into the ear and, until it is unclenched, insert it into the ear.
Carefully attach the phonendoscope earpiece to your free ear, hold it with your hand.
With your other hand, firmly press the membrane from the ball to your chest or chest of another person to any point indicated in the figure.
It is better to listen to the heart through thin clothing or directly through the skin.
Listen to the sounds you hear.

The sound will be best heard at points 1 and 2.

What happened?

When our heart beats, it makes a sound.
This sound is transmitted to a tightly pressed membrane and enters the funnel.
Then the sound, not dissipating in the air, is transmitted through the tube directly into your ear, with which you can hear the heartbeat.
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