"Surgery" - a new interactive and scientific medical program for boys and girls from 7 to 14 years old and their parents by the project Smart Barcelona

In 2 hours your child will:


Perform four different surgeries

Learn how to be a doctor on their own experience

Gain knowledge on human anatomy and physiology

Stop fearing doctors and medical procedures

About the "Surgery" workshop

Surgery is our new workshop on medicine. Everything will be almost real. Pre-surgery checkups, diagnosis, anesthesia, surgical instruments. It's only the patient who is not 100% real.

For the Surgery workshop we equipped four operating rooms. In each of them the children with the help of the team leaders will perform four different operations. We will learn how to operate the appendix, remove the tumor, perform a tracheotomy and perform operations in the oral cavity.

The execution of operations is necessarily preceded by a theoretical introduction. We want the children to understand what they are doing, and not just to repeat the actions of the facilitator.
  • Unit of oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Unit of emergency surgery
  • Unit of gastrointestinal surgery
  • Unit of general surgery


  • 2 HOURS
    will pass unnoticed
  • 4 TEAMS
    by age
    in a team
    visits each team
    for children and parents before the program
    for home experiment
  • personal diploma
    for each child at the end of the program
One child and one adult of the single-parent family: discount € 3 per child

A child of the large family and his parents: discount € 3 per child

If the family has two children and both go to the program, select the "large family" option.

How is the event going?

There are 4 teams, 15 people each. Every team visits every one of the 4 labs. Our program is totally interactive and children make the experiments on their own.

The program was developed by young scientists and science popularizers from the best universities in the world. Students, graduates and young scientists from universities in Barcelona are conducting the program.

For everybody's convenience we split our teams in two age groups: 7-10 and 11-14. The topics are the same, and children are more comfortable with peers of the same age.

We make a separate program for the parents where you can learn new things and have fun at the same time.

Before each program we carry out a small quest. We advise you to come half an hour before the start in order to have time to participate in it.
Quest in the lobby
Before each program, we conduct a small, but very interesting and informative quest on the topic of the program. The quest is designed for children to pass it along with their parents.

We advise you to come half an hour before the start of the program in order to have time to participate in it!

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Personal diploma and scientific gift
At each of our programs, we give the children a personal diploma of participation in the program, and a scientific gift.

It seems to us that there is a place for experiments not only on our programs, but also in your home. Conduct an experiment with your child, it is very interesting!

Instructions for scientific gifts - on the website in the "GIFTS" section.

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None of our programs are repeated, and this one is no exception.
But every month we have a completely new program!
The schedule of the nearest programs you can see on the page Schedule.


Visiting events by subscription is much cheaper than when buying separately. But the price is not the most important thing. Details here!

1 child + parents

for groups of 12 people

for groups from 24 people
For single-parent and large families ticket price 36 EUR.
If there are two children in the family, and they both go to the program, select the "large family" option when booking.


Centre cívic "Joan Oliver Pere Quart"
Carrer del Comandant Benítez 6,
08028 Barcelona

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Centre cívic "Joan Oliver Pere Quart"
Carrer del Comandant Benítez 6,
08028 Barcelona

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None of our programs are repeated, and this one is no exception.
But every month we have a completely new program!
The schedule of the nearest programs you can see on the page Schedule.

Our team

The Smart Barcelona monitors are young scientists, students and graduates from the best European universities, who work in laboratories on weekdays and run workshops of Smart Barcelona on weekends.

What they say and write about us

More about the Smart Barcelona project and principles


We offer interactive events and courses on natural sciences for children of 5-6, 7-10 and 11-13 years and their parents.
Each event is a brief introductory course on chemistry, physics, biology, medicine and other sciences.

In January 2019 we launched the first event for children and their parents from and around Barcelona. The scientific monitors who guide children into the programs are real young scientists from the best universities in Barcelona.

Each program consists of four labs where children conduct various experiments. Each team spends 20 minutes in each lab — this time is enough to get the theory and make an experiment.

If the program has a slot for kids 5-6 years old, we make for them a separate program with simpler but spectacular experiences, in which children can sometimes participate. The show also contains interactive games and dances.

Meanwhile, the parents are involved in adult program - interactive quiz and a short lecture on the same topic that the main program.


In the laboratories, classes are taught in Spanish or Catalan. Sometimes there are also groups in English - check the schedule! You also can gather a group of 16 children (for example, in your school), and then the classes in the laboratories will be in English. Please contact us if you are interested in it!

We chose the current format for a reason. Here are our main points:
  • 1
    We think that children understand natural sciences better when they conduct experiments. Once a child operates a mannequin, he/she learns more about human body than after a lecture on anatomy.
  • 2
    We don't consider science throwing dry ice into water, loud explosions or colorful fire. Our programs are real: from the experiments on genetics with drosophilae to chemical synthesis of esters. Our monitors are not animators, but students and alumni of the science faculties of leading universities of Barcelona.
  • 3
    We never conduct "classic" experiments that have been shown to children in different science shows for years. Our developers are always thinking of something new to surprise you with. It's unlikely that you'll see what your children perform at our events anywhere else.
  • 4
    Every month we present a brand new program. We make it in order for you not to get bored and visit us regularly. Thus, in a year or two your child will form a complete scientific picture of the world.
  • 5
    New technologies
    In our events we use the newest developments of modern pedagogy: quests and games, gadgets and multimedia.
  • 6
    Program for parents
    Children always look up to you. That is why we always make a separate program for the parents where you can learn new things and have fun at the same time.

We just love science. We think that there are few things in the world that are as beautiful and exciting as science. This is what helps us create new programs and refine on our product.

We are often asked about this

A normal ticket includes programs for a child and two adults and also a scientific gift for the child.
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If the child is 4 years old - we do not recommend.
Usually at this age it is difficult for children to study in a group without the presence of parents. It's worth growing up a bit.
Teams are formed instantly. Your child chooses a name tag of a certain colour and automatically enters the team of children who chose the same colour.
No, the program is free for parents. You don't need to buy tickets.
Yes, you can transfer the ticket to another date and time in your Customer Area no later than 3 hours before the event.
Please, check your Spam folder. The confirmation letter is likely to be there. If it is not there, please contact us at the contacts listed below.
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