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Hello young scientists!

In one of our surgery program units, we save patients by performing a tracheotomy on them.
Do you remember what this means?

Today, we will build a model of the lungs to visually understand the mechanism of respiration.

For this we need:

- a plasticine
- a balloon
- a jealousy
- a straw
- a rubber glove
- a bottle
- scissors


As you know, no person can live without breathing, because in the process of respiration, the blood is saturated with oxygen and carbon dioxide is released. And all this happens in the respiratory organs, which are called lungs. The chest protects the lungs.

In our model, the role of the chest is played by the bottle.
Cut the bottom or base of the bottle and remove it. We only need the top of the bottle.
With the glove in the area where we enter the hand, we cover the bottom of the bottle.
We fix the balloon to one end of the straw with the tape. It must be airtight.
We place the straw with the balloon inside the bottle,
carefully fix it with plasticine at the top or mouth of the bottle.

Our model is ready

Pull the glove down, filling our "lungs" with air.
And slowly lift up, "exhaling" the air from the "lungs".
In our model, the glove acts as a diaphragm that expands and contracts, causing the lungs to fill with air and then empty again.

The action of the balloon coincides with the actions of the lungs during inhalation and exhalation.
Complete experiments and get gifts!
From now on, we are introducing the internal currency of Smart Barcelona, it is called "owl". It is the stickers with the image of this smart bird that we give to boys and girls for completing various tasks. The most active participants will be able to accumulate these "owls" and use them to buy our brand products: notebooks, mugs, t-shirts, baseball caps!

To win the first owl, you need to do this experiment and take a picture of the result. Share the result on social networks. Tag Smart Barcelona and tell us a little about us in a post!

We are looking forward to the results of the experiment, maybe someone will make it even more creative than we are!

Next science workshop in Barcelona

May 13, Saturday
scientific workshop for children 5-6, 7-10 and 11-13 years
We will understand the chemical and physical properties of food, create gummy bears, assemble our own devices for extracting odors, figure it out in food additives and create them in the laboratory, study the physical and chemical properties of familiar products, and even prepare rations for astronauts. Science has never tasted so good!
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