Hello, dear friend!

Congratulations on successfully completing the Electricity interactive program!

We have prepared a gift for you - this is a set for an experiment. You have to draw the wires yourself, through which electric current will flow, using graphite and liquid glass.

Liquid cables



Safety precautions:

  • Read this text with an adult from your home.

    Your kit does not include hazardous chemicals, but this does not mean that you can taste them - they are tasteless, and your stomach can get sick. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and nose, and if it does, rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Liquid cables

In your set:

  1. Graphite
  2. Liquid glass
  3. Cotton bud
  4. Light-emitting diode
  5. Battery compartment
  6. Battery


  • 1
    Pour all liquid glass into a container with graphite. Using a cotton swab, mix the contents of the container so that a homogeneous mass is obtained.
  • 2
    Take a small piece of paper, ideally 8x8 cm. You can take a regular paper sticker.
  • 3
    Using a cotton swab, draw a line of liquid glass and graphite on paper. Try to make it bold without breaks.
  • 4
    Insert the batteries into the battery compartment, do not reverse the polarity.
  • 5
    At the tip of the red wire there is a part of the wire without insulation, tie the metal cores of the red wire to the long leg of the LED. You can just tightly wrap the metal part of the wire around the leg. If suddenly the metal part of the wire is not very long, then take the scissors and carefully remove the part of the plastic insulation from the wire to increase the length of the metal part.
  • 6
    Attach the black wire with the exposed part to one end of the "liquid wire". Put the short leg of the LED near the black wiring. Move the LED further from the black wire. Understand how far electric current is.

What happened?

  • 1
    As everyone knows, metals are able to conduct electric current, which is why wires are made of metals. However, not only metals are capable of conducting current. Graphite can also be used as a conductor. When we mix graphite and water glass, water glass sticks together small particles of graphite. Because of this, particles of graphite are combined into one large chain capable of conducting electricity.
  • 2
    When we close the electric circuit, consisting of a battery, an LED and the "wires" drawn by you, an electric current starts to flow along the electric circuit and lights up the LED.
  • 3
    In this way, you can "draw" a wire of any shape. The main condition is that this "wire" must be continuous.
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