"Chemical laboratory" - a new interactive scientific program in chemistry for boys and girls from 6 to 14 years old and their parents by the project Smart Barcelona

In 2 hours your child will:


Find out how chemists synthesize and control their properties

Acquainted with the rules of work in the chemical laboratory

Assemble plants for distillation of liquids, sublimation of crystals and synthesis of gases

Will carry out four experiments that are conducted in each real chemical laboratory, and will penetrate into the essence of chemical processes

About the "Chemical laboratory" workshop

Our new chemistry program. We devoted it to the classical instruments and methods on which the entire building of modern chemistry stands. As always, no experiments with liquid nitrogen or dry ice. Only real chemistry and meaningful experiments.
Gas lab
We will learn how chemists synthesize various gases and assemble their own carbon dioxide synthesis plant. We will analyze and find out what properties the obtained gas has.
Crystal lab
We will master the reaction of obtaining gaseous iodine. So that iodine does not fly away, we will grow crystals from it on the surface of the flask.
Fluid lab
We will assemble units for the distillation of liquids and conduct a de-brewing of tea. Everyone can make tea. And we will divide the tea drink into tea and water by distillation. Of course, we will check with the help of chemical reactions where there is tea and where is water.
Analysis lab
We will investigate the properties of acids and bases. We learn what indicators are and how they are used to study the properties of substances. We select indicators from tea and compare with commercial counterparts. In order for the reactions to be especially beautiful, we highlight glasses with reagents. Everything is perfect in this laboratory.


will pass unnoticed
by age
in a team
visits each team
for children and parents before the program
for home experiment
personal diploma
for each child at the end of the program
One child and one adult of the single-parent family: discount € 3 per child

A child of the large family and his parents: discount € 3 per child

If the family has two children and both go to the program, select the "large family" option.

How is the event going?


There are 4 teams, 15 people each. Every team visits every one of the 4 labs. Our program is totally interactive and children make the experiments on their own.

The program was developed by young scientists and science popularizers from the best universities in the world. Students, graduates and young scientists from universities in Barcelona are conducting the program.

For everybody's convenience we split our teams in two age groups: 7-9 and 10-14. The topics are the same, and children are more comfortable with peers of the same age.


We make a separate program for the parents where you can learn new things and have fun at the same time.

Before each program we carry out a small quest. We advise you to come half an hour before the start in order to have time to participate in it.

The author of this program
Vladimir Bystrov. Graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry of the Moscow State University, professor of the Special Scientific Center of the Moscow State University, permanent author of the Smart Cities programs.
Quest in the lobby
Before each program, we conduct a small, but very interesting and informative quest on the topic of the program. The quest is designed for children to pass it along with their parents.

We advise you to come half an hour before the start of the program in order to have time to participate in it!

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Personal diploma and scientific gift
At each of our programs, we give the children a personal diploma of participation in the program, and a scientific gift.

It seems to us that there is a place for experiments not only on our programs, but also in your home. Conduct an experiment with your child, it is very interesting!

Instructions for scientific gifts - on the website in the "GIFTS" section.

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of December

of December




1 child + parents

for groups of 12 people

for groups from 24 people
For single-parent and large families ticket price 36 EUR.
If there are two children in the family, and they both go to the program, select the "large family" option when booking.


Centre cívic "Joan Oliver Pere Quart"
Carrer del Comandant Benítez 6,
08028 Barcelona

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Centre cívic "Joan Oliver Pere Quart"
Carrer del Comandant Benítez 6,
08028 Barcelona

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Buy tickets

By pressing the button below you can choose the convenient time to visit the program.
One ticket for a child costs € 39 (access of two parents and a scientific gift included).

An entrance for single-parent families and large families for 3 euros cheaper.
If the family has two children and both go to the program, when making the reservation, select the "large family" option.

Los domingos a las 11.30 de la mañana tendremos una sesión especial, específica para los niños y jóvenes de altas capacidades. Mientras ellos y los hermanos hacen las actividades de laboratorios, las familias tendremos una Escuela de Padres (formación y compartir experiencias). Los responsables de la actividad de altas capacidades (supervisión de los experimentos y Escuela de Padres) somos el equipo de Atención a las Altas Capacidades liderado por Sílvia Llucià, pedagoga colegiada 2038 y especialista en Altas Capacidades. Más información y entradas aquí.
Smart Barcelona gift certificate
You can also buy a gift certificate with an open date to visit our interactive programs. It will be a surprising and very useful gift!

Smart Barcelona gift certificate
You can also buy a gift certificate with an open date to visit our interactive programs. It will be a surprising and very useful gift!

Smart Barcelona gift certificate
You can also buy a gift certificate with an open date to visit our interactive programs. It will be a surprising and very useful gift!

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Our team

The Smart Barcelona monitors are young scientists, students and graduates from the best European universities, who work in laboratories on weekdays and run workshops of Smart Barcelona on weekends.
Learn more about our scientific monitors
Marc Elosua
scientific monitor
Master in Bioinformatics from Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.
learn more
Marta Badia
scientific monitor
Studying the Master in Bioinformatics at the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Pompeu Fabra University.
learn more
Giulio Nigro
scientific monitor
Master in Conservation and Evolution.
Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication, Pompeu Fabra University.
learn more
Laura Mañas
scientific monitor
Master's degree in rare diseases at the Pablo de Olavide University.
Writing her PhD thesis in the field of biomedicine.
learn more
Ariadna de las Heras
scientific monitor
Master in Psychology, University of Barcelona.
learn more
Alex Mur
scientific monitor
Master in Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Barcelona.
learn more
Lucía Sánchez
scientific monitor
Master's Degree in Biosciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
learn more
Laura López
scientific monitor
Master in Biomedicine at the University of Barcelona.
learn more
Laura López Gilibets
Laura López Gilibets is an active and positive girl, she likes to meet new people and get to know fresh ideas.

Her motto is Sapere aude (it can be translated as "be curious"), it seems that it is this phrase that motivated her first to study biochemistry and then rare diseases of metabolism in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona (Hospital Clínic UB).

Laura is sure that science is the key not only to understand the world, but to find a way to do it better; and that knowledge exists to share them.

She loves to travel, play sports and read books, as a child she even dreamed of writing a book about her trips.

Laura is a certified free time instructor with extensive experience working with children and with many interesting stories she brings from summer camps and other places.

Master in Biomedicine at the University of Barcelona.
Free time monitor title.

Sport, volunteer programs on the personal and educational development of children, scientific dissemination, preservation of the environment.
Alex Mur Espinosa
Alex Mur Espinosa as a child wanted to be a veterinarian or scientist. Then he decided that science was not only useful, but also fun, and decided to study biochemistry, and then did the Master's in Molecular Biotechnology.

During his master's project, Alex and his colleagues tried to restore the pancreas function of people with diabetes.

But Alex's true passion is the fight against cancer. He is currently studying how to cure certain types of cancer by activating the body's natural defensive capabilities.

Alex is a certified free time monitor. He has a lot of experience working with children in various educational, leisure and summer camp programs.

Degree in Biochemistry from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
Master in Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Barcelona.
Free time monitor title.

Reading, sports, cinema.
Marta Badia Graset
Marta Badia Graset is a biologist, although as a child she wanted to be a salesperson or astronaut :)

Marta studied human biology and during the grade she was able to participate in several research projects. One of them was to understand why equal cells behave differently. Another was aimed at finding new methods to cure resistant infections. Now Marta is doing her final master's work in which she investigates why the accumulation of protein in cells causes her death.

Marta is a certified free time instructor, since she was 15 she has worked with children in various educational and leisure programs and in summer camps. He believes that knowledge does not only come from schools or universities, but that it can be learned anywhere and at any time. When Marta has free time, she likes going to the theater, to museums and to concerts.

Degree in Human Biology (2017). Now she is studying the Master in Bioinformatics for Health Sciences in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Pompeu Fabra University.
Free time monitor title.

Theater, books, cooking, swimming and hiking, castells.

Marc Elosua Bayés
Since I was little Marc Elosua wanted to be a scientist. According to Marc, science is the art of giving answers to questions and getting to know oneself and the world around him better. Logically, as a child he first asked his parents questions, then his teachers at school and later at the University, and finally became a biologist.

Marc has a Master's Degree in Bioinformatics. It is the science that groups biology and computer science and that develops the methods and means to work with the data of biological experiments. Nowadays in biology and medicine there is so much data to analyze that it is impossible to handle them by hand. That's why special programs are needed to do it.

Marc is now interested in the cross-platform method that will allow us to explore the methylation of genes by spending less money and less time. It also helps doctors prevent heart disease.

Marc loves and knows how to work with children. For the past six years he has worked as a monitor in camps for children in the United States. What he most appreciates in his work is the opportunity to make a positive and significant impact on the lives of children.

Master in Bioinformatics from Pompeu Fabra University.

Outdoor activities in the company of his great friends.
Lucía Sánchez Alba
Lucía Sánchez is from Málaga. When she was little she dreamed of being a math teacher and then decided that it was more fun to be a scientist, because everything that happens has its motive, and it is more than interesting to detect this motive!

Now Lucia studies the horizontal genetic transfer in the DNA of Mycoplasma genitalium, a very interesting bacterium for biologists, because it has been considered as the organism with the smallest genome. The most interesting research in which Lucia has participated is the study of bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

From now on, Lucia would like to start a PhD in molecular biology and teach the children at Smart Barcelona on weekends.

Master's Degree in Biosciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Music, books, drawing.
Laura Mañas García
From her childhood Laura Mañas dreamed of being a scientist because at that time she already understood that science is the art of changing the world step by step.

Now she is writing her PhD thesis in the field of biomedicine, so with all reason she can be defined as a true young scientist. Before Laura studied genetics and rare diseases, and now seeks to cure diseases related to muscle atrophy.

Since she was a child she dreamed of making her own great scientific discovery. Its motto is If you believe in something, you can reach it, so we are sure that one day your dream will come true!

Master's degree in rare diseases at the Pablo de Olavide University.

Books, swimming and other outdoor activities.
Giulio Nigro
According to Giulio, the greatest discovery of humanity is the science. He is sure that the most important thing in life is to never stop being curious like a child.

Being a child Giulio dreamed of a job related to travel and nature, so in his native Rome he chose the degree in Biological Sciences. Later he worked on projects on communication in the animal world, such as the study of the communication of various types of insects at the University of Greifswald, in Germany. He is also an active participant in nature conservation projects.

He has arrived in Barcelona to obtain a Master's Degree in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication from Pompeu Fabra University. And to join the Smart Barcelona team, of course.

Degree in Biological Sciences (Rome, 2012).
Master in Conservation and Evolution (Pisa, 2015).
Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication (UPF).

Drawing and illustration, hiking.
Ariadna de las Heras
Ariadna de las Heras is a monitor of Smart Barcelona. Originally from a small town near Barcelona, in a somewhat ironic tone, she describes herself as a "village" person. Being a little girl, she dreamed of being an astronaut or a jurist, but finally she chose a completely different profession.

We appreciate Ariadna a lot because she is the only psychologist of our team, and her profession is very important when it comes to working with children. Her specialty is clinical psychology, throughout her studies she participated in breast cancer research.

Ariadna is a radio presenter and in her program she talks about psychology telling curious things and news about the subject and giving practical advice, for example, how to overcome anxiety. In her work she uses the most current scientific data, because he believes that the scientific method is not only important at work, but also in life. Being in a good mood, by the way, is of equal importance. Ariadna is not afraid of complications, because at the end of everything they can contribute something good too.

Master in Psychology, University of Barcelona.

What they say and write about us

Learn more about main features of Smart Barcelona

More about the Smart Barcelona project


We offer interactive events on natural sciences for children of 6-14 years and their parents in Spanish (but all our monitors speak English, so they will help the child if something is not clear to him / her).

Each event is a brief introductory course on chemistry, physics, biology, medicine and other sciences.

In January 2019 we launched the first event for children and their parents from and around Barcelona. The scientific monitors who guide children into the programs are real young scientists from the best universities in Barcelona.

Each program consists of four labs where children conduct various experiments. Each team spends 20 minutes in each lab — this time is enough to get the theory and make an experiment.

Meanwhile, the parents are involved in adult program - interactive quiz and a short lecture on the same topic that the main program. After the event each participant gets a present — an experimental set you can do at home.

We chose the current format for a reason. Here are our main points:
We think that children understand natural sciences better when they conduct experiments. Once a child operates a mannequin, he/she learns more about human body than after a lecture on anatomy.
We don't consider science throwing dry ice into water, loud explosions or colorful fire. Our programs are real: from the experiments on genetics with drosophilae to chemical synthesis of esters. Our monitors are not animators, but students and alumni of the science faculties of leading universities of Barcelona.
We never conduct "classic" experiments that have been shown to children in different science shows for years. Our developers are always thinking of something new to surprise you with. It's unlikely that you'll see what your children perform at our events anywhere else.
Every month we present a brand new program. We make it in order for you not to get bored and visit us regularly. Thus, in a year or two your child will form a complete scientific picture of the world.
After the event each participant gets a scientific present — an experimental set you can do at home at any time. We also collect the best materials on the topic so that your children can learn on their own.
New technologies
In our events we use the newest developments of modern pedagogy: quests and games, gadgets and multimedia.
Program for parents
Children always look up to you. That is why we always make a separate program for the parents where you can learn new things and have fun at the same time.

We just love science. We think that there are few things in the world that are as beautiful and exciting as science. This is what helps us create new programs and refine on our product.

We are often asked about this

What does a ticket include?
A normal ticket includes programs for a child and two adults and also a scientific gift for the child.
What do I do if I have two children of different ages?
In this case we recommend sending both children to the group for the biggest children.
Are there discounts for large groups?
We offer discounts for groups of twelve children. Sounds interesting? Send us an email to support@smart-barcelona.com and we help you book at a discount.
What do parents do during the workshop?
For parents we have a separate program consisting of a relaxed quiz-quiz and a scientific dissemination conference. But of course, participation is voluntary. If you want, you can do your things and come to look for your child 1 hour and 45 minutes after the start time of the program.
View full list of frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Age limit
Event format
Ticket availability
Changing the date, returning or cancelling the ticket
Buying tickets online
My children are 5 years old. Can they come?
We wouldn't recommend it. They simply wouldn't be interested.
Can siblings of different age get into the same group?
They can. We recommend the older group for both.
Can my child get into a different age group?
The age limit is a recommendation. The program is pretty much the same for both groups, it's the explanations that slightly differ. The main difference is the age of other people in the group, so if your child feels better with older or younger children, you are welcome to choose whichever one is better for him/her.
How are teams formed?
Teams are formed instantly. Your child chooses a name tag of a certain colour and automatically enters the team of children who chose the same colour.
We want our children to be in the same team.
If we see that more than five children are registered under the same adult's surname, we save the name tags of the same colour for them. If you are less than five or if the children are registered under different adults' surnames we recommend you to come 30 minutes before the show starts so that you can get the name tags of the same colour.
What do parent do during the show?
We have a special program for parents. It is a quiz and a short sci-pop lecture. Participation is not obligatory (but it's fun!). You can go about your business and pick up your child in about 1 hour 45 minutes.
Can I accompany my child and take pictures?
According to our experience, parents who accompany and take pictures distract the children from making the experiments. If you really want to shoot some photos, wait until the program is over and go to the lab with your child who will show you the equipment and tell about the experiments.
How much time in advance shall we come?
30 minutes before the program starts. You will have enough time to take off the jacket, register for the program, go through a small science quest in the lobby with the child, and enter the main room.
Do parents have to buy tickets?
No, the program is free for parents. You don't need to buy tickets.
What if I lost my ticket?
Don't worry if you lost your ticket or you can't show it to us for some other reason. When you buy the ticket, your data is saved in our database. You only have to tell us the first and last name of the person who payed for the tickets.
I see that there are no tickets left for the program, but is there a chance?..
If the group is too big, your child and other kids will not have fun. That's why we close the registration when 60 tickets are sold. If you really want to join your friends who already bought the tickets, choose any free date and come to the new program together!
And what if someone cancels their ticket?
Cancellations are rare and usually happen a day or two before the event. Instead of cancelling, a ticket can be given to friends or relatives.
Can I change the date of the ticket?
If you cannot attend the program you can choose any other event if there are places available. To do this, you need to find a letter, confirming your booking, and enter customer area by clicking on the orange "View / change booking" button. In your customer area you can change the date and time of booking or cancel the reservation.

Another option - to send us an email, a Facebook message or fill in the form on the web page indicating your name and surname, the date you are missing and the date you want to change your ticket to. We cannot change the date by phone. One ticket can be changed only once and strictly before the event.
My child is ill and cannot attend the event. Can I get a reimbursement?
You can. The refund, minus the 5% commission, is strictly subject to cancellation at least 3 days prior to the event. If there are less than 3 days left before the event, you can change the date of your ticket.
I bought the ticket on the web page. How can I return it?
To return a ticket, you need to find a letter confirming your booking and enter the customer area by clicking on the orange "View / change booking" button. There you can cancel your reservation. Another option - to send us an an email, a Facebook message or fill in the form on the web page. If the conditions set above are met, you will get the reimbursement, less the 5% commission.
I bought the ticket at the venue after the event. How can I return it?
If you paid for your ticket in cash, you can get the reimbursement in cash at the venue before or after any our event.
We bought tickets for a group of children, but one of them cannot attend the event. Can we return one ticket?
If you made a group request online, you cannot return one or several tickets, you can only change their date.
I payed for the ticket, but I haven't received a confirmation letter.
Please, check your Spam folder. The confirmation letter is likely to be there. If it is not there, please, contact the customer support at support@smart-barcelona.com or call the telephone number +34 698 085 679.
Centre cívic Joan Oliver Pere Quart
Carrer del Comandant Benítez, 6
08028 Barcelona
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+34 698 085 679
10:00 - 18:00
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