What is it?

The "Periodic Table of Scientists" is:

Interactive Game for Smart Barcelona Subscribers
a fun way to find out which of the scientists has changed this world
a super prize that you can win by collecting stickers on our programs
How was this invented?
There is a version that the periodic table of scientists was invented by one of the teammates of Smart Barcelona :)

In fact, to create it, it took several erudite heads and skillful hands to remember, put in place and draw the most significant scientists.

The groups in the table correspond to the specialties of scientists, and the periods correspond to the epochs in which they made their discoveries

How to get a table?

For the subscription holders, we will solemnly and completely free of charge present the Scientists Table along with the first batch of stickers on the program Anatomy on October 3-4.

If you do not have a subscription, you can simply buy a starter kit for a collector of scientists for 5 EUR from our administrator on the nearest program.

And you can get the Table of Scientists as a gift for a birthday or other holiday from friends.

But just to collect the entire collection of stickers will not work! In addition to personal presence on the program, you will need:

Pass our quests before starting programs

Perform scientific homework received on the programs, photograph the results of home experiments and publish them on social networks

Show these beautiful photos to administrators in exchange for stickers

Post your reviews on our programs with photos or videos on social networks

How to play?

Become the owner of the "Table of Scientists", which is designed for 3 seasons - until the end of 2021. You can join the game at any time!
Receive stickers with scientists and paste them in the appropriate places on the Table
Read on the website stories about scientists from the table
Create your own Book of Great Discoveries by collecting stories in a folder and drawing your illustrations
Get a special prize for the best Book of Great Discoveries in December 2021
Collect the maximum number of stickers and get a super prize - "Smart Spring 2022" SUBSCRIPTION

You will receive stickers:

For visiting programs
For completing quests before programs
For publishing the results of your home experiments on social networks*
For your photos and video reviews of Smart Barcelona programs on social networks*
You will need this code to get more information about the scientist

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