Botanical Garden
It is impossible to approach the Botanical Garden this morning. Around the crowd of onlookers, students, attracted by the emergency. Through the fence, you see that the depressed garden staff are standing near one of the greenhouses. They are being interrogated by Arturo Conandelio, your immediate superior.

You come to the entrance to the Botanical Garden. You notice that the gate has been torn off its hinges, your way is blocked by a tape with the inscription "Do not cross." As you are about to quietly slip behind the fence, you bend over, when suddenly a young police sergeant appears from around the corner:

— Hello! Show your documents? Who are you going to?

Digging through the pockets of your coat, you realize that you have forgotten your ID on the coffee table again. Frowning in displeasure, you are already turning around and about to leave, but suddenly Arturo calls you:
— How long can I wait for you?! Run to the crime scene quickly, we need to collect evidence!

He pulls you through the cordon. You find yourself in the center of the Botanical Garden near the greenhouse. While examining the crime scene, you notice shoe prints on the ground, but not just prints, but with traces of an incomprehensible white powder. You wonder how the cops could have missed such evidence.